Construction And The Need For Labour Hire

Construction And The Need For Labour Hire

The construction industry’s use of labour hire has soared in the past decade.  Previously, labour hire was predominantly used to fill staff shortages when employees were sick or taking leave. Labour hire was also used to replace employees for small and simple positions that did not require too much experience such as data entry and filing officers. In recent times, labour hire has become an increasingly popular way to fulfil staffing needs in many industries. 

The Construction Industry has become a frequent user of labour hire due to the ‘project’ nature of the industry. Most construction work is completed in projects. Projects are run on a specific time frame and therefore is temporary in nature. Few companies have neither employee numbers or skills on hand to perform this work. Most of the full time workers are on hand to complete tasks of their own and thus outsourcing labour is the solution!

When you choose to hire temporary employees through labour hire companies such as Labor Solutions, you are hiring workers to work on all parts of the project without committing to them permanently. Permanent staff have long term cost associations. Projects are constantly changing. Employee skills and numbers constantly evolve on projects. It is therefore imperative  that you have the flexibility to hire temporary employees as you see fit and necessary. Whilst achieving this you also do not want staff on full time wages while they are waiting for the next project to start.

Why Do you need Construction Labour Hire?

There are numerous advantages of seeking out the services a labour hire company when searching for employees for a Construction project. These include:

1 – You need employee numbers.

Large construction projects involve many workers with numerous positions performing different tasks. Searching and hiring employees can prove timely and costly. A top recruiting company such as Labor Solutions has an extensive database of skilled and ticketed employees. This makes it easier for you to get the numbers of workers you need without the extra time and monetary costs.

2 – Experience & Skills

Potential employees must have both skill and experience to do the job in a satisfactory manner. Candidates on labour hire company database have had the necessary experience on hand. Therefore once they are hired to do a job, they hit the ground running. You can rest assured that the candidates you hire are highly skilled, adaptable and have worked on similar projects.

3 – Adaptability and Willingness to Learn

Due to the temporary nature of labour hire, temporary staff must be able to adapt quickly and be eager to learn the ropes in a short manner of time. Past experiences of moving between projects t has enabled them to be adaptable and eager to learn quickly.


The main business of a Labour hire company is the hiring of employees. You can trust that when you are in need, a labour hire company is there to deliver. Labor Solutions has been in the business for over 15 years. The experienced and exemplary recruitment staff is on hand to assist you with sorting out your staffing needs.

Have you got a construction project that needs temporary staff? Contact us today so we can discuss a staffing solution!

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