What Is Labour Hire?

What Is Labour Hire?

Whether you are in the process of searching for employees or if you are looking for a job, it important that you know what temporary labour hire actually is so that you can decide if it is the right solution for you.

Labour Hire Definition

Labour hire is the term applied (especially in Australia) to provision of outsourced skilled and unskilled blue-collar workers hired for short- or long-term positions. The workers, known as contractors, field employees, temps, on-hired employees or even just employees, are employed by the labour hire organisation.

Temporary labour hire involves the contracting of individuals as employees on an as-needed basis, often  within projects that involve physical labour. Employees hired under labour hire are different to permanent employees of the business. They are in fact, not employees of your business at all. They are outsourced employees. Hiring these employees is on a contracted basis, and most of the time is temporary. The length of time for hiring these employees varies.  

Benefits Of Labour Hire

Administrative tasks are taken care of: A great benefit of using Labour Hire is that all the administrative work involved in hiring an employee is taken care of by the labour hire company. Labor Solutions, for example, take care of all the recruitment processes from hiring to payroll, income tax, superannuation and more. Labor Solutions also ensure the employee have references, have a safety check and are fully qualified for the role they are placed in.

Only hire employees when needed: Most construction and building companies have seasonal peaks. Others run on a project by project basis. The problem with this is the cost of staff during the downturns. Labour hire companies such as Labor Solutions, allow you to hire new staff for the period that they are required. As the different project begin, you can recruit new team members. These team members may also be employees that you have used previously on other projects. Over time, you’ll build a lis of outstanding employees that you know can get the job done right, without having to keep them busy when work slows down. Labour hire has the benefit of finding workers quickly who are well-suited to the task at hand.

How does labour hire assist candidates?

Those people looking for employment can also reap the benefits of finding employment through a labour hire firm.  Once you have connected and registered with one, you have a higher chance of being placed in a job on many different projects and for different lengths of time. This can help build your resume and develop your potential skills.  Many workers also enjoy the flexibility of working on different projects for different lengths of time. 

Do you think a labour hire firm is right for you?

Contact the staff at Labor Solutions to discuss how we can help you.

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