Labour Hire Agency

When it comes to hiring workers, the entire recruitment process can be very challenging — but there is no need to let it overwhelm you. If you need a worker, allow us to take away all the headaches and hassles involved in the process. Let us help save you money and time by sourcing the best people who are suited for your staffing needs.

As an established labour hire agency in Sydney, Australia, we provide short to long-term staffing solutions to construction businesses, whether you need a labour worker or you are looking for a senior management specialist. Paired with compliance measures and safety management systems, you can guarantee that with us, your business is in good hands.

What sets Labour Solutions apart?

Our labour agency in Sydney is different from the rest because we focus on you and your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients in order to provide them with the best possible match. Additionally, we offer you varying options that are compliant with the existing regulations and laws. As a recruitment specialist, we have a pool of qualified and general construction workers who are looking for work that we can pair with your business. As your partner in recruitment, we ensure that the workers we offer you have completed the required tickets and training so you know you will be getting a work-ready employee who can hit the ground running. 

Labor Solutions services

If you need a worker, we are the go-to people ready to fulfil your needs. There is no requirement too big or small for our team at Labor Solutions. 

We will work with you to upskill your current employees to ensure that your business is able to offer the best service to your customers. As recruitment specialists in the construction industry, our team is committed to providing staffing solutions for you that will ensure your business is operating to the codes relating to your particular line of work. Whether you need someone who specialises in a certain area of the construction industry or you need a labour worker, you can rely on us to fill the gap. 

We know that success cannot be achieved overnight. However, with our genuine commitment to providing you with labour hire solutions that are up-to-date and compliant with the legislation, you should be at the top in no time.

Training solutions for the right people

When you need a worker for a particular job, the pool of employees may not always be as large as you would like. As a key stressor for employers, Labor Solutions has worked to solve this common pain point. By working with a nationally accredited training provider Cobra Training, we are able to upskill potential employees so that we can provide you with the people you need to get the job done. 

Though our track record speaks for itself, we’d be happy to talk to you about how our labour hire agency in Sydney can help drive you to success. Please feel free to contact us today by giving us a call at 02 9896 5881 or sending your inquiry to info@laborsolutions.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you!

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