Construction Labour Hire Australia

Labor Solutions is one of the most established and trusted providers of labour solutions in Australia. We specialise in the construction labour hire industry. With a vast labour hire presence throughout NSW, we can definitely support your short- and long-term labour hire needs. We are available 24/7.

How We Started

Labor Solutions Pty Ltd is one of Sydney’s first labour hire solutions provider. Since our inception, we have worked our way to the top, hence now becoming one of NSW’s leading labour hire companies.

With our solid experience in the labour hire industry, we have grown our knowledge base to a great extent that we are now capable of surpassing and exceeding the expectations of this demanding business.

Although our main business is to provide companies with labour solutions in NSW. We also make it a point not to just supply workers, but make sure that the workforce we deploy is constantly in the loop about updates in their respective industries.

What We Offer

We specialise in providing labour solutions in NSW for the construction industry. We supply skilled construction workers to small, medium and multinational developers.

From skill-specific construction workers and senior staff, we provide you with the manpower you need. Our main priority is safety at work. Our Safety Manager ensures our employees are constantly up to date with site safety by conduction toolbox talks, industry updates and requirements and ensuring competency. When required, we also provide easy and accessible training and construction tickets for the workers to improve their skills.

Work With Us

When you turn to Labor Solutions for your labour solutions, you can reap the perks of improved workforce productivity and reduced costs. We are “your working partner”.

Meet Marcelle

Marcelle Labor Solutions CEO Marcelle is the Director of Labor Solutions with over 20 years of experience in construction labour hire. Her experience combined with her dedication to her job, her client relationships and employee relationships has made her the number 1 trusted labour hire company to work with. She loves her clients and her employees, and she takes pride in ensuring all parties are happy.

Marcelle’s clients love working with her. Her personal touch and relationships with each client are unique and hard to find. She is available 24/7 (which means 24/7) and goes the extra mile to ensure they are provided with the best labour hire workers suited for their project. Her reputation in the labour hire industry has seen repeat clients and new clients wanting Marcelle to handle all their labour hire needs.

Marcelle’s employees love working with herself. The team she has built and continues to grow are hand-picked by her. She acknowledges, appreciates and rewards her team with Employee of the Month, Staff Appreciation Day events, Christmas Parties and more. Her reputation and caring nature are why more and more people want to join her team.

We always aim to provide productive labourers to construction companies in NSW and at the same time constantly equip the workforce with the latest updates and training on their particular industries.

Work With Us

When you turn to Labor Solutions for your labour solutions, you can reap the perks of improved workforce productivity and reduced costs. We are “your working partner”.


For your questions or enquiries, call us on 02 9896 5881, email us at info@laborsolutions.com.au, or send your queries to PO Box 1228, Parramatta, NSW, 2124. You may also book to visit us at 14 Finlayson Street, South Wentworthville, NSW, 2145.


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