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According to the Australian WorkCover legislation, people who are involved in high-risk work must acquire a relevant licence by completing a training course with a recognised and Registered Training Organisation.

High-risk work often includes working with cranes, scaffolding, dogging, rigging, hoist operations, and working at heights.

Now, if you are looking to land skilled labourer jobs in Sydney, you have to look for registered labour skills training providers. Find RTOs that have been approved and recognised by the legislation as they are the only ones that are allowed to deliver skills training and assessment for acquiring high-risk work licenses. Labor Solutions Pty Ltd works with a registered training organisation.

Labour Skills Training in Sydney

At Labor Solutions Pty Ltd, we partner with a registered training organisation. It is for that reason why we can book training and assessment sessions for the following courses:

  • Basic Rigging (RB) – Be licenced to perform basic level rigging, associated with the movement of hoists, steel erections, the movement of plants, cantilever crane loading platforms, and many more.
  • Mobile Slewing Crane (C2) – This licence allows you to operate a slewing mobile crane of up to 20 tonnes.
  • Dogging (DG) – Successfully acquiring a DG licence allows you to direct the movement of loads for cranes. You can also select and inspect lifting equipment, such as synthetic slings, shackles, and chains.
  • Boom Lift Over 11M (WP) – Be able to operate a boom type elevating work platform of about 11m or more.
  • Forklift (LF) – This licence lets you operate a forklift truck.
  • Hoist (HP) – Here’s a licence that lets you operate a personnel and materials hoist.
  • Telehandler Gold Card – Be authorised to conduct telescopic materials handler operations.
  • Work at Heights – Know how to work safely at heights. In this course, one will learn to conduct a site risk assessment, properly fit a harness, operate a rope grab, conduct a heights self rescue, and many more.
  • Yellow Card – This allows you to operate an elevating work platform.

Enroll Now and Be Licenced

To land more skilled labourer jobs in Sydney, you need to get trained and be assessed. Once deemed ready and qualified, you’d receive your licence.

Enquire about our training sessions today! Call us at 02 9896 5881 or send an email to training@laborsolutions.com.au. You may also send your mails to PO Box 828 Wentworthville NSW 2145.

If you wish to know more about how to acquire licences as a skilled labourer, visit Labor Solutions Pty Ltd at 14 Finlayson Street, South Wentworthville, NSW, 2145.