Who is Labor Solutions?

Labor Solutions is a labour recruitment agency established in early 2000s. We house some of the best skilled labour hire Sydney has to offer. This is made possible by our talented team of labour hire specialists who source these candidates for our clients.

We provide labour hire services primarily for business in construction, development, and other related industries. We source both skilled and unskilled workers who are suitable for the roles required by the clients.


Who do labour hire agencies work for? Clients or candidates?

As a labour hire company, we cater to the interests of both the client and the candidate. This matchmaking process allows us to choose the candidate that best fits the requirements of the client.

In a typical business scenario, a client reaches out to us to provide labour solutions. They either have not enough workforce, or they need substitutes to absent employees. We then assess their needs and based on our evaluation, select from the pool of candidates the best fit for the job.

In our selection process, we take every possible consideration to make sure that a beneficial relationship blossoms out of the match.


Do candidates have to pay a fee for Labor Solutions services?

No, the service is free of any charge for the candidates. Registering with labour hire companies such as Labor Solutions is free even if you are offered a job.

In this match-making arrangement, only the employer (project owner) will be charged for our services. We, on the other hand, take care of your assignments and payroll.

Interested on applying? View the commonly sought construction job positions in the industry.


As a candidate, where do I get my payment?

One of the services provided by Labor Solutions is “payroll management”. Under this service, we take care of the payroll for the workforce, so our clients don’t have to. This also ensures that all the workers under our care are getting their wages on the scheduled time.


When will my development project need help from a labour hire agency?

If you are a commercial or residential developer, you might run into some problems with staffing. This happens when some of your employees do not show up for work or you need to finish the project as soon as possible but cannot do so because your workforce is not enough. You will also need help from the best skilled labour hire Sydney has to offer if you need specialists on the field.

You will most likely have an in-house department that can take care of that problem for you, but in cases when you don’t have one, then seeking help from labour hire companies will definitely be beneficial.


What trades do your services specialise on?

Labor Solutions caters to businesses in the construction industry. As such, we focus on trades that are related to that industry. These include carpenters, labourers, traffic controllers, process workers, electricians, welders, boilermakers, forklift drivers, hoist operators, plumbers, construction cleaners, drivers, plant operators, and many more. If you want to know more, contact us for enquiries. Our construction labour hire specialists in NSW have the experience in dealing with these workers. Rest assured they have all the know-how on identifying the best candidates for your project.


How will it reduce costs in construction projects?

The whole recruitment process takes not only a lot of time but also requires a lot of financial resources to complete For one, you’ll be spending for the wages of your in-house recruitment department, they will be sourcing candidates which you will have to meet and spend operational costs on—interviewing, screening, and getting them on board all incur costs that accumulate.

By getting help from a labour hire agency, you can address all these problems for a fixed cost. It saves not only money, but a lot of time too.


What is your candidate selection process like?

The selection process differs from one labour hire company to another. At Labor Solutions, we start with an enquiry from a client. Since we are already well-connected with numerous candidates who have had ample experience in the industries and whom we have already contacted, screened, and tested; all we need to do it get in touch with them and connect them with the client.


Do you follow a code of ethics?

As a matter of fact, we do! We follow the strict principle of equal opportunity for all the candidates who trusted us with their livelihood. We act in accordance with the code of conduct supplemented by the government and are compliant with all that is required of us.


How can we contact you?

Whether you are a client or a job-seeking applicant, there are multiple channels you can use to contact us. Our contact details are listed below:

Email: info@laborsolutions.com.au

Telephone: 02 9896 5881

Address: 14 Finlayson Street South Wentworthville, NSW 2145

Mail: PO Box 828 Wentworthville NSW 2145


When can we reach out to you?

Our services are available 24/7. You can reach out to us at any day of the week and at any time of the day. If you have been itching to call, make your enquiries now!


Why should I choose Labor Solutions for skilled labour hire in Sydney?

Cost-cutting and time efficiency are some of the obvious benefits that you will reap from working with a labour hire agency.

Labor Solutions is a step above the rest because of its excellent communication skills, allowing us to collaborate closely and effectively with both our clients and candidates.

We are results-oriented, we value how important efficiency is for most businesses which is why we only get people who are in line with this value. We have top-notch organisational skills that allow us to pinpoint the best worker for your needs in no time.

As a developer, you already have a lot on your hands. Why not let some load off and let Labor Solutions do the rest?

As a candidate, we know you are looking for something worthwhile. Why settle for anything less?

Work with Labor Solutions today and witness your visions come to life.