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Located 24 kilometres west of the Sydney Central Business District, the thriving multi-cultural suburb of Parramatta is opening up fresh opportunities for businesses, new homes, and infrastructures to grow. This New South Wales suburb is expected to expand in the coming years and no one is planning to get left behind.

As such, more and more construction companies are getting their hands packed with many projects. This might be good news to some, but most of them are also running short on the workforce needed to get the job done. Where do you find quality workers on short notice? What if you need workers for more than just one project?

This is where Labor Solutions comes in. We are a labour solutions group NSW that aims to provide the labour hire that you require for your specific needs. We are one of the most established and trusted in the industry. Molden by experience and honed by training, we ensure that we deliver quality work in every single project.

Why Choose a Labour Solutions Group NSW?

In construction projects where your operation is not running as smoothly as it should, one of the factors affecting your efficiency might be the lack of manpower. By getting help from a labour solutions group NSW, you are provided with outsourced workers for either short- or long-term positions.

When it comes to choosing a labour hire provider, choose one that best suits your business. Whether you are working on a housing project or an industrial development project, Labor Solutions can provide the workforce that suits your needs. Here are some reasons why:

Solid Experience in the Industry

Our solid experience in the labour hire industry has expanded our knowledge base to a wide range of specialisations and skills. This allowed us to surpass and exceed the expectations of everyone we have worked within this demanding industry.

Our main business objective is to be the best labour solutions group NSW, but we also make it a point to take care of the workers who continue to work with us. We ensure that all the workers we deploy are constantly in the loop about the latest developments in their respective industries through training and seminars.

Vast Labour Hire Presence

We pride ourselves with having a vast labour hire presence throughout New South Wales, including the progressive suburb of Parramatta. This allows us to reach out to the proper channels whenever the need arises, and in no time, provide you with a worker with the right set of skills.

Our strong network within the industry has earned us a reputation of being reliable. We owe this to the quality workers who choose to work with us even on short notice. We treasure the relationships we have fostered in all of the projects that we got ourselves involved in.

Trained for Safety and Security

Whether you require skill-specific construction workers or seasoned senior staff, we can provide you with the manpower you need. For us, quality service does not stop at simply providing you with good candidates but we also ensure that they are aligned with our main priority of observing and practicing safety at work.

We have a Safety Manager who ensures that our employees are constantly up to date with site safety by conduction toolbox talks, industry updates and requirements and ensuring competency. When required, we also provide easy and accessible training for the workers to improve their skills.

Work With Us

Available 24/7, you can call on us whenever you need labour solutions for your construction project. With Labor Solutions, you can reap the rewards of investing in improved workforce productivity at a smaller price.

We are your working partner and we can start as early as today. For more questions or enquiries, call 02 9896 5881 or send an email to info@laborsolutions.com.au. We look forward to working with you!